The Advantages Of Installing An Apiary In The Farm

For centuries, beekeeping has been practiced by apiarists for its many benefits. Most of them do it for the produce, especially honey, which is also called liquid gold.

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Before sugar became today’s primary sweetener, honey held that distinction generations ago. Recently, as the negative effects of refined sugar have been coming to light, consumers have alternatively switched to honey as a sweetener. Even the byproducts of creating honey, such as beeswax, propolis, and royal jelly, have found use in the medicinal field.

But farmers have also used beekeeping because it provides an effective boost for their farms or gardens. Honeybees are one of the best pollinators because not only are they efficient in transferring pollens from one plant to another but they do not cause nuisance like other pollinators, such as carpenter bees or other insects.

Pollination is an essential process in raising vegetables and fruits because they allow the female reproductive organs of a plant to receive pollens from the male counterparts. Through this, fertilization and the whole reproductive process takes place, ensuring a bountiful farm or garden.

There are also plants that can self-pollinate but introducing honeybees to the ecosystem increase their production.

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Furthermore, beekeeping promotes and ensures an organic way of farming because pesticides that are commonly used in traditional farming harm bees, and other insects that pollinate, are eliminated.

Geoffrey Morell is part owner of the P.A. Bowen Farmstead, a farm that specializes in producing high-quality meat and dairy products by raising pasture-fed livestock. The farm also offers tours and classes, including a beginner’s beekeeping workshop. Visit this website for more information.


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