The Dangers Of Using Antibiotics In Farms

Livestock are very much like people. The more antibiotics they receive in their system, the more resistant they become to drugs.

A number of disturbing facts have been discovered in farms throughout history. For example, strains that have become resistant to drugs could be passed not just from animal to animal, but also from humans to animals. These same diseases can also be transmitted to humans upon ingesting the meat or the milk of infected livestock. And the waste material excreted by infected livestock can also contaminate the environment.

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There have been studies showing that the antibiotics used in farms, and ultimately in food production, are roughly the same as the amount used in people. Sometimes, even more antibiotics are used in farms. In the United States, over 70 percent of the antibiotics used for people are also given to livestock.

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It has been projected that the use of antibiotics will continue to grow because of two factors: higher profits for Big Pharma and the ever-increasing world population (which translates to more people eating). It has been suggested that farmers switch to the managed intensive rotational grazing system, or the MIRG system, which requires less antibiotics.

Geoffrey Morell founded PA Bowen Farmstead. He shares with people the healthy way of eating, and with other farmers, a safer way of farming. Find out more about farming by checking out the official website.


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